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Innovation & Incubation Center

Incubation Areas
Being a service window to NCU and industry, NCU-IIC provides guidance for incubated companies by combining abundant R&D resources from NCU and local industries in Taoyuan area. The main branches of incubation industry include electronics engineering, optics and optoelectronics engineering, biomedical engineering and information technology

Development Objectives
NCU-IIC has been a key member in promoting the new-established Academic-Industry Collaboration Center in NCU. To extend the incubation space and enhance incubation capability, NCU-IIC actively proposes new alliance in Taoyuan Science-based Industry Park currently. In the near future, NCU-IIC will put more efforts to build up an incubating environment with high quality.

Incubation achievements
Since 1999, 54 SMEs have joined NCU-IIC and 41 incubated companies have completed the incubation process. Among them, one company has been approved for ranking in the stock exchange list in 2005. The total capital for the incubated companies has reached NT$690 millions.

  1. In 2008, the incubated companies have gotten 3 funding projects from Assist Service Sector Technology Development (ASSTD).

  2. In 2009, the incubated companies have gotten 8 patents 2008.

  3. In 2009, the incubated companies have gotten 3 funding projects from Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR).


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