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As one of seven research-oriented universities selected by Ministry of Education, NCU has grown speedy in recent years. With unsophisticated style of study, NCU actively advances in the width and depth of research. Since 2002, NCU has been funded by Ministry of Education in “Research-oriented Universities Integration Plan” for continuous four years to establish the “University System of Taiwan” with other three top universities in Taiwan intergrading the energy of R & D. Its actual strength is then, upgraded again.

Since 2005, Ministry of Education has executed the “Plan to Develop First-Class University and Top-Level Centers” in order to drive Taiwan’s higher education moving toward the top of the world. NCU was also funded by the plan because its evaluating always showed being among the best of effects. Under the expectance of Ministry of Education and compatriots, NCU will be more cautious and conscientious to self encourage deeply in cultivating its characteristics and pushing various top researches, which have been leasers in Taiwan to present in the world during the shortest time on the originally academic base.

To drive Taiwan’s higher education moving toward the top of the world, Ministry of Education has executed “Plan to Develop First-Class University and Top-Level Centers since 2005. NCU was also funded by the Plan because of its high evaluation. Under the expectance of MOE and compatriots, NCU is more cautious and conscientious in creating its characteristics on the original bases of academy. Moreover, it encourages itself, in the shortest time, to be the leading role among Taiwan’s top researches and to ascend to the world.

NCU established the Research and Development Office in March 1997 for the purposes of integrating the research resources in the university, developing international academic exchange and cooperation, and promoting the technology transfer of R & D achievements in the university. Aside from striving for extramural R&D funding outside of NCU, it intends to facilitate the research performance and to boost the international competiveness. In recent years, this office has demonstrated concrete results in upgrading the achievements of research and development under endeavors of every research unit and faculty members, by means of gradually establishing the R&D regulations and mechanism for the faculty.

R & D Office has three divisions, as “Planning”, “Research Promotion” and “Technology Transfer of Intellectual Property Right” in charge of such business as school development, promotion of research affairs and intellectual property protection and promotion, and In addition, there are two centers as “Innovation and Incubation” and “Precious Instruments”. This Office has one director.


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